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Roasted tomatillo salsa, roasted tomato salsa, red chile, green chile, garlic, habañero, corn and black bean, flamin' pineapple and so much more...

Grande Salsa Sampler

Grande Salsa Sampler

This year there are even more salsas for your enjoyment. Included are eleven of our best sellers—from tomato, tomatillo, to peach and chipotle. There is one to please everyone-from mild to hot.
741 - Grande Salsa Sampler - $80.00
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Los Chileros Tres Trios

Los Chileros Tres Trios

A great selection of dips, salsas, and rubs packaged for gift giving. Can't beat the variety and flavors of this set. The dips include green chile, smoky jalapeno, and avocado seasoning; rubs for chicken, pork, and beef; and a chipotle, red and green, and a red salsa mix. Each packet contains 1 oz. for a total of 9 oz.
125 - $32.00
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Roasted Tomato Salsa

Roasted Tomato Salsa

A great tasting salsa with chips, grilled meats, or spoon over scrambled eggs for a breakfast treat.
746 - 12 oz. - $6.95
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Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

Rustic looking salsa which provides a tart refreshing flavor to be enjoyed with chips, tacos, or grilled meats.
747 - 12 oz. - $6.95
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Salsa (the red) Medium

A wonderful, traditional New Mexican tomato-based salsa-one of Nicole's favorites.
1093 - 12 oz. - $5.65Out of Stock
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North of the Border

(But just barely!) The folks at North of the Border in Tesuque have mixed up batches of the finest New Mexico dried chiles and herbs for making marinades, sauces, and salsas. Spiked with heat from mellow to meteoric, these mixes are a kitchen essential. Always fresh, you can take them with you anywhere! 1.5 to 3 oz. packages $4.00 each.

Special - Buy any seven and receive a free one of your choice!

1217 - Smokey José's Chipotle Salsa
1218 - Shorty's Garlic Salsa
350 - San Miguel County Dry Rub
419 - Fiesta Marinade Carne Adovada
421 - Green Chile Salsa
680 - Scorch Way Hot Salsa
750 - Red Chile Salsa, Mild
751 - Jalapeno Salsa
753 - Red Chile Sauce
755 - Santa Fe Dry Rub
903 - Scorch - $4.75
904 - Green Chile Salsa - $5.00
1153 - New Mexico Red Chile Salsa

Seasoning and Dips

Seasoning and Dips

Great new packaging for some of our favorite products includes: Santa Fe Seasoning and Rub, Son of Scorch, PC Willy's Chile, and San Miguel Seasonong and Rub. These resealable plastic jars keep your cupboards clean. Packaged in a decorative gift box.
160 - Gift Box - $25.00

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Green Chile Salsa

For those who crave the taste of New Mexico's green chile.
934 - 12 oz. - $7.50

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Green Chile - Cactus Salsa Verde

santa fe ole cactus salsa
The mild flavor and chunky texture is marvelous with meat, poultry, or eggs.
217 - 12 oz. - $7.50
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Chimayó Red Salsa

Salsa made from the famous Chimayó red chile!
486 - 16 oz. - $6.50
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Fire-Roasted Green

There is no aroma or taste on earth like fire-roasted, fresh green chile. This salsa has captured the real thing.
602 - 16 oz. - $7.00
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Flamin' Pineapple Salsa

Great with poultry or fish.
640 - 16 oz. - $6.50
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Grilled Garden Salsa

Fresh grilled vegetables add zest to this wholesome salsa.
161 - 16 oz. - $6.50
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Roasted Corn and Black Bean Salsa

This is one of our favorites; a combination of roasted sweet corn and barbecued black beans.
493 - 16 oz. - $7.00
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Roasted Red Chile Salsa

A classic, robust red salsa.

Hot Sauce Sampler

Three of our favorite hot sauces packaged in a decorative box makes a unique gift for that special person.
  • Green Chile Hot Sauce
  • Howlin' Hot Sauce
  • Chipotle Hot Sauce

  • 354 - 5 oz. each - $25.00
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