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Specialty Classes & Events


Create your very own decorated layer cake in this hands-on baking class!

From baking a delicious cake to perfectly-piped borders and inscriptions, we will teach you the tips and tricks to making beautiful cakes in your own home. Follow simple, step-by-step instructions to learn how to fill and use a piping bag, create elegant borders and achieve cleanly-frosted cakes. Frosting, cake layers and all tools needed will be provided when you arrive.

Apply the skills you learn to decorate a custom cake of your own to bring home!


Experience the flavors and aromas of the old city of Jerusalem as we make some classic Eastern Mediterranean dishes: Tabouli, Arabic Salad, Homemade Hummus (you'll never want to go back to store bought), Lamb Marinated in Sumac, Garlic and Pomegranate Molasses and Baklava. You will also learn the history and technique behind this flavor-filled menu. This is a demonstration style class that includes a full meal. It is taught by Chef MaryDawn Wright who has worked in kitchens from Australia to Israel, designed recipes and products for multinational food companies including Sabra Hummus. Mediterranean foods are some of her favorite to prepare!


Create one of the most iconic desserts of all time in this hands-on baking class! Participants will make a delectable pate sucre, form and bake the dough in provided tart pans, then fill their shells with freshly made pastry cream. An array of fresh fruit will be provided for you to assemble on your prepared tarts, creating a delicious work of art to share with friends or family! Add shine to your finished product with a classic apricot glaze, then take your fruit tart home in provided bakery boxes. This is a dessert you’ll want to make time and time again, and is the perfect addition to any springtime feast.


Novice bakers and kitchen veterans alike will enjoy this demonstration-style baking class! Everyone needs a few consistent, crowd-pleasing desserts up their sleeve and we want to arm you with the recipes you’ll need to wow your guests time and time again. Watch as Chef Molly bakes her way through a fail-proof Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with Spiced Cherry Compote, luscious Chocolate Mousse, seasonal Fresh Fruit Tart and the fluffiest White Chiffon Cake that works at every altitude! Enjoy the freshly made treats over coffee, get all your baking questions answered and you’ll be sent home with new recipes and the best tips for success!


Come join Chef Desiree Jones, who spent three years living and cooking in Korea. She is excited to share some of her favorite recipes which include; Bulgogi, quick Kimchi, spicy spring rolls, Pajeon Korean pancake with a dipping sauce and Korean sweet rice dessert.

This festive holiday is the perfect opportunity to try your hand at royal icing decorated sugar cookies! Homemade cookies will be pre-baked into seasonal shapes and our instructor will walk you through the step-by-step process of using royal icing to outline, flood, fill and pipe details onto sugar cookie cutouts in this hands-on class for adults. If you've ever wondered how to make the beautiful themed cookies so often seen at showers, weddings and birthdays then this class is for you. What's more, upon completion you will go home with more than a dozen themed cookies to share with your own special Valentine!

Come celebrate love with this special and tasty menu! Chef MaryDawn Wright will discuss how this menu is planned and why we are eating the dishes in this particular order. She will discuss flavor interactions and layering of flavors over the course of a meal. It will include a wine pairing with three of the four courses featuring our local favorite, Gruet.

Menu includes:
An the interactive experience featuring oysters with a ginger lime mignonette and David Chang's potato chips and caviar, pepper crusted lamb chops with Gratin Dauphinois (French scalloped potatoes), followed by a pomegranate, avocado, and mixed greens salad. We will end with the vintage dessert making a comeback right now: Baked Alaska with marinated strawberries.

Southwest Soups!


Join Chef Michelle Chavez for a hands-on class in which she shares some of our favorite soup recipes: Roasted Corn & Poblano, Smooth & Silky Tortilla Soup and a Green Chile, Chicken and Chico Stew. The soups will be accompanied by Blue Corn Muffins, Quesadillas and Puff Pastry Twists. The class will run approximately 2 hours and will include lots of delectable tasting along the way!

High Altitude Baking with Molly Mix


Learn the fundamentals of high altitude baking in this demonstration-style class!

Explore the role that each ingredient plays in achieving a perfect finished product and study keys to successful home baking from a scientific perspective. Watch as Molly cooks through recipes for fluffy yeast rolls, seasonal fruit pie, and a perfectly light vanilla cake, then sample "before-and-after" versions of classic chocolate chip cookies. Each recipe will provide an opportunity to study when and how to adjust ingredient volumes, time and temperature at many elevations. Enjoy the freshly baked goods over a cup of pinon coffee and have all your culinary questions answered! You will take a goodie-box of treats home to enjoy later.

We will discuss the "whys" and "hows" of excellent home baking at every altitude so whether you live at sea level or 9,000 ft, leave with the confidence to create beautiful baked goods and never ask yourself, “What went wrong?” ever again!