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Cake Decorating with Molly Mix New (Cake): $With take home supplies - $115:With take home supplies+!115 Without take home supplies - $90:Without take home supplies+!90 per person

Create your very own decorated layer cake in this fun hands-on baking class! Let Molly Mix show you how to bake beautiful works of art in your own home and you'll never order a cake again! Molly's step-by-step instructions reveal the secrets of baking fluffy, delicious cake layers that result in a cake with smooth, clean sides and perfectly piped borders and inscriptions. Recipes are included and you'll leave with a kit of decorating supplies and a custom cake of your own!

$115 per person (Take-home supplies include piping bags, 10” straight spatula, 4” offset spatula, bowl scraper tool, flower nail, couplers, 7 piping tips and a gel food color of your choice!)

$90 per person with no take home supplies

January 29, 2022

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