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Jasmin Williams and the John Rangel Trio (Dave's Jazz Bistro - Jasmine Williams): $165 per person

Saturday, April 15th, 2023 6:30-9:30

Dave's Jazz Bistro is thrilled to welcome Jasmin Williams, a true talent and powerful jazz vocalist, to perform a mix of eclectic classic jazz tunes combined with her own original material. Jasmin is new on the Santa Fe scene and a New York bred jazz vocalist. She has toured in Europe and Japan and her performances are both energetic and dazzling!

Kristen Krell, director of Dave's Jazz Bistro saw her sing for the first time recently and says "Jazmin's performance was so powerful it inspired and moved me to tears". Her vocal style is a musical gumbo of jazz, gospel, blues, and R & B. Her debut CD Word of Mouth was released in Japan and Williams enjoyed a Top Ten spot on HMV’s Jazz Chart.

Her new work, “A Song of Blood and Confession,” is soon to be released. Williams also has a collection of poetry titled, “In Search of Ravens Blood and Snow.” Website:

April 15, 2023

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