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NM Culture & Cuisine Tour

August 20-24, 2018
Hosted by The Santa Fe School of Cooking
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2018 nm cuisine and culture

Santa Fe has made a big name for itself in the culinary scene. For centuries before Santa Fe was even considered a city, there was an interesting and unique food culture cultivated by the Native American peoples. The trinity of cultures, Native American, Spanish and Anglo, that assembled here give our city the foundation for her exquisite food offerings. Our local chefs embrace the traditions of the ancients and draw off their individual backgrounds to produce one of the most diverse and exciting ‘food scenes’ in North America. This four day event will explore the Native traditions and weave its way through the cultural influences of the region. You will explore the contributions of Georgia O’Keeffe and meet some Santa Fe’s top chefs in the contemporary food scene.

Highlights of this upcoming trip include:

  • Picking produce from one of our famous, fun local farmers north of Santa Fe
  • Visiting a New Mexican winery
  • Outdoor cooking class at a beautiful estate in Chimayo
  • Tour of Puye cliffs
  • Native dancers
  • Bread baking in an horno
  • Shopping/restaurant tour through downtown Santa Fe, where you will meet top chefs, local food artisans and farmers
  • Dinner out at one of our favorite restaurants where the chef will host us!
  • Daily cooking classes, including one taught by James Beard award winning cookbook author, Lois Ellen Frank and cookbook author, Margaret Wood who wrote A Painter’s Kitchen

Monday, August 20

This tour officially kicks off at 5:30 PM with a welcome reception at the Santa Fe School of Cooking hosted by Nicole Curtis Ammerman and her delightful and dedicated staff. After getting acquainted, we’re off to one of the city’s legendary restaurants for a sumptuous dinner. Let the festivities begin!

field outdoors SWA0524

Tuesday, August 21

We will meet at the Santa Fe Farmers Market at 8:00 AM under the water tower, where we will explore the seasonal ingredients, meet some farmers and enjoy the hub of activity during the markets peak season. We can expect to find chile, corn, peaches and apples among many other tasty treats. From there, Nicole will lead you on a culinary adventure through downtown Santa Fe where we will visit two restaurants and have private sessions with the chef/owners, tour their property and taste some of their food. We will also visit some culinary hot spots such as a fabulous spice shop. In the afternoon, we will go to the cooking school where you will put on aprons and explore the flavors of New Mexico in a hands-on cooking class. The evening is yours to explore Santa Fe.

chiles SWA0896

Wednesday, August 22

We begin touring through northern New Mexico with a trip to the northern New Mexico countryside. Meet at SFSC at 8:00, where we will load up and head out to the farm of Matt Romero. Matt Romero spent many years as an executive chef before giving it up to start farming eight years ago. He started by caretaking a ten-acre farm before getting access to his uncle’s 3-acre tract, a tractor and tools. Matt raises chile, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, squash, cabbages, herbs and many other types of produce on his small farms. We will pick our own produce to take with us to our next stop. Next up is a stop to the beautiful, Rancho Manzana in the heart of Chimayo. It was the Ortega family residence and housed the original post office and mercantile store, serving the Chimayo community until the 1950's. Great care has been taken in the on-going restoration process, insuring a relaxing, hospitable retreat. One of the SFSC chefs will be waiting for our arrival where we will use the produce we picked earlier to create our own lunch which will be enjoyed in the glorious gardens of Rancho Manzana. We will also squeeze in a trip to Black Mesa Winery, where we will tour the facility and taste some of their award winning wines! Once again, the evening is yours to explore the town!

Thursday, August 23

At 8:00, a van will pick us up at the cooking school, where we head out to the ancient ancestral home of the Santa Clara pueblo people atop the breathtaking Pajarito Plateau, where we will explore the incredible beauty and cultural significance of the Puye Cliff Dwellings, ‘a place between earth & sky’. Journey back in time approximately two thousand years and you will find the ancestors of Santa Clara Pueblo thriving at Puye. Using material found at this site, they sculpted their homes from the soft volcanic rock. We will have a guided tour of these cliff dwellings. We will also help prepare the horno and learn the technique of baking bread in these ovens. The final part of the adventure are native dances from a Santa Clara family. They will dance and share stories of the importance of this tradition to their family. We will head back to Santa Fe and have a few hours of rest before returning to SFSC for a special hands-on Native cooking class with Lois Ellen Frank. Their long history of farming, and plant usage qualify Native Americans to be considered as America's first great cooks. Lois Ellen Frank, a James Beard award winning author and PhD in culinary culture, presents a fascinating look into Native American food and culture. We are lucky that the Harvier family, from Santa Clara, will be joining the group for dinner, dancing for us and sharing stories of the importance of this tradition to their family!

wine SWA1073

Friday, August 24

Our last morning together will be unforgettable as we explore the influence that Georgia O’Keeffe played in New Mexico art and food. We will start with a private, docent led tour through the O’Keeffe Museum. Then back to The Santa Fe School of Cooking to discover and explore some of Georgia O'Keeffe's ideas about food and cooking. One of our chefs will guide you through some of Ms. O'Keeffe's recipes featured in the book, A Painters Kitchen: Recipes from the Kitchen of Georgia O'Keeffe by Margaret Wood. Ms. O'Keeffe had a unique perspective on food for the time, really appreciating simple foods that were in season and grown and handled with care. Margaret will also be on hand to share personal stories and insights to into Georgia O'Keeffe's life, perspective on food and of course art, as she was her assistant for many years. This class will weave the recipes and their context to create the texture of Ms. O'Keeffe. After our lunch together we will say our goodbyes.

tomatoes chiles tomatillas SWA1152

This tour is offered at $1975 plus tax per person. It includes all cooking classes and events at The Santa Fe School of Cooking, dinner out on the first night, our field trips and entry fees and transportation on our touring days. Not included is transportation to Santa Fe and accommodations while in Santa Fe.

Itinerary or Program Modifications: The itineraries listed are subject to modification and change by The Santa Fe School of Cooking.

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Spanish Market Class

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