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Specialty Classes & Events

A Taste of Northern, Central, and Southern Vietnamese Cuisines

A Taste of Northern, Central, and Southern Vietnamese Cuisines

This special cooking class has been designed and will be taught by Hue-Chan Karels, Chef/Owner of Open Kitchen, who will take you on a culinary journey of flavors and techniques to master in your home kitchen. Open Kitchen provides unique chef-driven culinary events. Launched in 2009 in the Washington DC Metro area, Open Kitchen now brings thoughtfully-crafted, inventive, and delicious food experiences to the Santa Fe, NM area.

This is an interactive, demonstration cooking class. Participants will have the opportunity to try their hands at cooking, interact with the chef team, taste each dish that’s made, and have fun.


(v = vegetarian, vg = vegan, gf = gluten-free, df = dairy-free)

A Taste of Northern Vietnamese Cuisine: Flavor of Thousands of Years

Northern Vietnam is the cradle of Vietnamese civilization. The climate is colder and the variety of spices and availability of herbs and vegetables is limited. The food is lighter and less spicy than in the Center and South regions.

1st Course: Chả Cá ~ dill and turmeric fish with rice vermicelli, herb salad, nước chấm, Vietnamese dipping sauce (gf, df)

A Taste of Central Vietnamese Cuisine: Spicier, More Complex Flavors
Huế was the ancient royal capital of Vietnam until 1945 and the Central region of Vietnam is the home of imperial cooking. Central cuisine is more complex and spicier than the cold climate fares of the North and the tropical flavors of the South. Meals often consist of small portions of many dishes. Chili peppers and shrimp sauce are frequently used.

2nd Course: Nem Lụi Huế ~ grilled ground pork and beef on lemongrass stalks served with rice paper, rice vermicelli, fresh herbs, and nước chấm, Vietnamese dipping sauce (gf, df)

A Taste of Southern Vietnamese Cuisine: Sweeter, More Vibrant Flavors

Warm, tropical weather and fertile soil of Southern Vietnam along the Mekong Delta create an ideal environment for rice and a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, seafood, and livestock. French, Indian, Cambodian, and Thai culinary influences are most prominent in this region. Southern dishes are often spicier with sweet, sour flavors.

3rd Course: Canh Chua Cá ~ sweet and sour fish soup indigenous to the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam typically with pineapple, tomatoes, and bean sprouts in a tamarind-flavored broth (gf, df)

4th Course: Chè Bà Ba ~ a typical Southern Vietnamese made with taro, cassava, sweet potato, and tapioca pearls cooked in coconut milk (vg, gf, df)

Summer Wines!

Summer Wines! New

Join Master Sommelier Tim Gaiser for a tasting of his favorite summer wines. Learn everything there is to know about summer wines; how to serve them, best serving temperatures, the right glassware, and the perfect food pairings. Tim will take you through a flight of delicious wines including vibrant Prosecco, delectable rosé and the best warm weather whites and reds. All the wines are guaranteed to please and offer great value as well. 2 hours

Celebrating Red White & Blue Celebrating 30 Years!

How do we celebrate the Fourth of July in Santa Fe style? Foods that are red, white and blue are a must! This special $30 per person, 3-hour, 30-year anniversary demonstration class boasts an only-in-Santa-Fe menu to celebrate our nation's birth: Red chile marinated pork, white corn posole, and blue corn chicken enchiladas are accompanied by refried beans and guacamole, and we end our salute to America with pecan bread pudding for dessert! As always, you feast on the results! Sign up now, because at only $30 per person, this class will fill faster than you can say "Yankee Doodle!”

South Indian Cooking with Chef Paul Raj Kaurppasamy of Paper Dosa

South Indian Cooking with Chef Paul Raj Kaurppasamy of Paper Dosa New

Learn to cook traditional South Indian dishes! South Indian cuisine has an ancient tradition of incorporating many spices in everyday dishes. Learning South Indian recipes will allow you to use your everyday spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, bayleaf etc in ways that will balance and bring out their unique flavors. Paul Raj Kaurppasamy who is from the Southern State of Tamil Nadu in India has been a professional chef for the last 20 years. His love of his culture and cuisine shines through his cooking. He will be teaching you simple techniques that you can use at home to increase your culinary vocabulary. Dishes being prepared are Rasam, Seasonal vegetable portal, Squash Kutu, Biriani, Chicken Curry, Sambar and Payasam. Recipes and Full meal included.

20% of the proceeds support the International Folk Art Market

Gnocchi Solo Gnocchi with Christine Hickman and featuring Lois Ellen Frank

Gnocchi Solo Gnocchi with Christine Hickman and featuring Lois Ellen Frank New

This special, part-demo cooking class with Christine Y. Hickman celebrates gnocchi, her favorite Italian comfort food. After more than 25 years as an obsessed student and teacher of gnocchi-making, Christine will guide you through some of the various gnocchi styles as they’re made in Italy, gnocchi’s birth place. All the recipes come from her newly published, Gnocchi Solo Gnocchi, a cookbook dedicated to her love of Italy and her more than 30 years of living and teaching part-time in Perugia, Italy.

The talented Lois Ellen Frank, well-known local chef, caterer and food photographer, who shot the photographs in the book will be working with Christine in this unique part-demo presentation that includes

samples of many of the basic styles of gnocchi-making…beyond the traditional potato gnocchi most people relate to. In this class you will learn the tricks of making memorable delicious gnocchi that just might become one of YOUR favorite Italian comfort foods. Menu includes: POTATO GNOCCHI with Gorgonzola & Sautéed Greens, RICOTTA-BEET GNOCCHI with Savory Zabaglione-Horseradish Cream, SEMOLINA GNOCCHI alla ROMANA with Oven-Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, FISH CANEDERLI with Garlic-Lemon Sauce and BLUE CORN GNOCCHI arrowheads with guajillo chile sauce

Southwest Culinary Boot Camp

Southwest Culinary Boot Camp

Join us for an intensive 3-day cooking program we call the Southwest Culinary Boot Camp! This program is three full days gaining insight into the intricacies, tips and history of Southwestern food that make it so unique. We will cover material from knife skills, flavor labs, cooking techniques, ingredients and historical building blocks of the food. We will meet some of Santa Fe's top chefs who will share their thoughts on important cooking techniques. This is HANDS-ON and very interactive with each day ending with a meal. The class culminates in a final exam where you will design and prepare a final meal for some Santa Fe's best palates!

Upcoming Bootcamp is June 24th-26th, 2019.

Please call Nicole at 1-800-982-4688 to obtain more information about this special 3-day excursion into Southwestern cuisine.

$1325.00 See Dates and Register

Summer I New

Limited to 12 participants

This will be held on the Santa Fe School of Cooking’s own patio, where everything will be prepared on the grill or in our new outdoor wood fired oven! Celebrate the season with this intimate, hands-on classes and come enjoy summer in Santa Fe! Meal to include: Masa encrusted pork chops with a green chile and raisin chutney, grilled sweet potato salad, red lettuce with pears, walnuts and a honey-sherry vinaigrette, and apple empanadas

Farmer's Mkt. Class

Class will meet at 8:00AM under the water tank at the colorful Santa Fe Farmers Market. We will then tour the market, meet the farmers and help pick out the freshest herbs and produce to take back to the school. Back at SFSC, the class will enjoy learning cooking techniques and the history of the foods grown in the region culminating in a magnificent feast highlighting the Farmer's Market fresh ingredients. Menu varies based on the seasonality of ingredients.

Class limited to 16 people, 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Pizza on the Patio

Celebrate the summer season with this intimate, hands-on class on the Santa Fe School of Cooking’s own patio. Everything will be prepared on our grill and our new wood-fired oven!

Grilled Caesar salad, blue corn pizza with crushed tomatoes, carmelized onion and local New Mexico goat cheese, pizza with chorizo and green chile, peach cobbler. This is a hands-on class - Maximum of 12 people.