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Specialty Classes & Events


Create your very own decorated layer cake in this fun hands-on baking class! Let Molly Mix show you how to bake beautiful works of art in your own home and you'll never order a cake again! Molly's step-by-step instructions reveal the secrets of baking fluffy, delicious cake layers that result in a cake with smooth, clean sides and perfectly piped borders and inscriptions. Recipes are included and you'll leave with a kit of decorating supplies and a custom cake of your own!

$115 per person (Take-home supplies include piping bags, 10” straight spatula, 4” offset spatula, bowl scraper tool, flower nail, couplers, 7 piping tips and a gel food color of your choice!)

$90 per person with no take home supplies


Oysters are celebrated around the world as an aphrodisiac, and you're invited to share the love by learning about them and enjoying them together this Valentine’s Day! Join Chef Allen Smith for a culinary journey through the different varieties of oysters –– where they come from and how that affects flavor –– and you'll have a better understanding when you order them on your next date night. You'll learn to shuck your own oysters as Chef Allen prepares and serves them 3 different ways; raw, fried and braised. You'll feast on these treasures of the sea accompanied by complementary sides, concluding with a “LOVE-ly’ dessert to finish it off. The class includes a glass of champagne and a take-home oyster shucker!


Learn the fundamentals of high altitude baking in this demonstration-style class!

We will bake our way through some of the more challenging recipes to perfect at elevation and study keys to successful home baking from a scientific perspective. Explore the role that each ingredient plays in achieving a perfect finished product by studying--and sampling!--finicky dishes such as pecan pie, classic yellow cake and chewy chocolate chip cookies. Watch as Molly cooks through a menu of triple cherry streusel pie, fluffy yeasted rolls and the ever-daunting angel food cake, while discussing the "whys" and "hows" of excellent home baking at every altitude. Whether you live at sea level or 9,000ft, learn to create beautiful baked goods and never ask yourself, “What went wrong?” ever again!


Winter is the perfect season for warming up with hearty and delicious soups. Join Chef Michelle Chavez for a hands-on class in which she shares some of our favorite soup recipes: Roasted Corn & Poblano, Smooth & Silky Tortilla Soup and a Green Chile, Chicken and Chico Stew. The soups will be accompanied by Blue Corn Muffins, Quesadillas and Puff Pastry Twists. The class will run approximately 2 hours and will include lots of delectable tasting along the way!