What People Are Saying

“Thank you for the amazing cooking class at The Santa Fe School of Cooking. All of you truly filled my bucket list dream!”

— J. Davies, San Antonio, TX,  December 2022

“Love Allen Smith’s sense of humor. I laughed hard. Learned lots of new things. Very educational.”
— S. Shanklin, Galisteo, NM, January 2023
“Wonderful, Que Bueno! Thank you for a lovely meal, beautifully detail-oriented presentation. Very personable, great demeanor! Thanks, thanks!”
— K. Schmitz, Madison, WI, January 2023
“Best thing to do in Santa Fe! Many thanks!”
— S. Nichols, Santa Fe, NM, January 2023
— R. Bishop, Shallowater, TX, December 2022
“Chef Michelle’s humor made the day. So interesting and informative.”
— P.J. Smith, Santa Fe, NM, December 2022
“Chef Allen was was wonderful. The food and his knowledge of everything was excellent! I would definitely do a class with him again!”
— C. Dimarco, Richmond, NY, September 2022
“VERY informative class, about choices, options, food science and food history. Excellent class. So glad we came.”

— T. Perrott-Sheffer, Burr Ridge, IL, August 2022

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“I had a wonderful time and learned how to cook some amazing things new things. — I highly recommend their classes to anyone who is visiting Santa Fe New Mexico."

— Amanda B, Las Vegas, Nevada, September, 2013

“If you love to cook or if you love to eat, you will love the Santa Fe School of Cooking. — the activity that had us drooling was the restaurant tour! We began at 2:00 — At 5:00 we waddled away, blissfully full and contented. There are three separate tours, each featuring a different group of restaurants. This is a can’t miss activity for the food lover in Santa Fe!”
— Donyaann, Dallas, Texas, September 2013
“Excellent class taught by very friendly and competent cooks. The chef who handled the class made us feel very at ease and ensured that all of us got the hands on the dishes to be prepared. The cherry on the cake was the tasting of our own cooking production after the class. A thoroughly enjoyable moment. Thanks a lot to the Santa Fe School of Cooking Team!”
— Joelle H. Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, August 2013
“…If you don’t attend a class at SFSC, you are not truly experiencing Santa Fe. Excellent”
— TL, San Antonio, TX, 10/6/13
“I took a hands on class, Hot Sauces - specifically for the Mango Mint Habanero Sauce. — We were given an introduction to chiles, both fresh and dried, the newly-being-harvested crop of New Mexican Chiles taking pride of place in the presentation. — We had fun, and made three beautiful, and very tasty sauces: — Five star experience all the way.”
shibaken63, Honolulu, August 2013
“I have never had a food experience as unique..”
— BR, 10/16/13
“This setting was so much fun…the best”
— SH, Santa Fe, NM
“This was at least my 15th class and it was just as fun as the first”
— BP, Sand Springs, OK, 10/12/13
“Best dinner I have had on this trip.”
— PG, Sarasota, FL, 10/13/13

See many more reviews of the Santa Fe School of Cooking experience at Tripadvisor.com